"I have known and worked with Brandon Gesicki for almost 20 years.  He is a hard working and intelligent political operative."

  • Congressman Kevin McCarthy, United States House of Representatives Majority Leader 
Government relations

We help you get what you want and assess how best you can win in your given situation.  No one can solve all problems and we give you an honest assessment of where we believe you stand.  

strategic Consulting

With over 20 years of campaign management and consulting experience in both statewide and local efforts, we work with you to build a winning campaign from soup to nuts.

message delivery

To win in politics and public relations you need to be fully prepared and stay on message.  We help you develop that winning message.

crisis management

We help you fight back intelligently.  Converting negative into positive and amplify themes to target audiences. 

Cannabis License and Permit Consulting

In this new and fast growing industry Capitol Consulting has been among the leaders in local government advocacy.  Capitol Consulting is one of only a few consulting firms that can boast that to this date it has successfully gotten clients local cannabis permits for cultivation and manufacturing.  Capitol Consulting is working hard on the central coast with various local counties and cities to establish ordinances that legal permit local cannabis business.  Under the California legislature Medical Cannabis Regulatory Safety Act of 2015 - MCRSA has established the framework for the growth of a multi-billion dollar cannabis industry.