Brandon M. Gesicki

Years of experience: 20

Position: President & CEO

For over 20 years Mr. Brandon Gesicki has worked closely with some of the most influential elected officials in California and around the country.  His combined legislative, political and public relations experience over the last 20 years on the central coast is unmatched.  Brandon develops and implements successful strategies for public affairs and political campaigns.
He has managed multi-million dollar political campaigns, served as chief spokesman, fundraiser, and strategic advisor to numerous campaigns and elected officials.  

Brandon Gesicki began the early part of his political career under the tutelage of the grandfather of political consultants in California, Allan Hoffenblum the current CEO and author of the California Target Book (the CA Target Book is the leading nonpartisan legislative authority on California elections).  Working with Mr. Hoffenblum out of his Los Angeles offices, Brandon learned first hand about California and national politics.  Brandon has compiled his extensive knowledge of local and statewide politics through his leadership in congressional, state legislative campaigns as well as countless county and city winning campaign efforts.

Government & Public Relations
As a veteran legislative consultant in public affairs and politics, Brandon has a remarkable record of achievement at the local, state and national level.  He has consulted for and worked with some of the influential names in government.
  Over the years, Brandon has developed relationships and key contacts in every area of industry and sectors of local, state and federal government.  Having been involved with countless local and state elections Brandon has earned the confidence of leading policy makers and understands how best to work with them.   He can provide an effective public relations campaign through direct mail, broadcast ads, or behind the scenes strategizing to help you wage the winning battle.

Lt. Gov. Maldonado, Gov. Schwarzenegger & Brandon

Brandon and President George W. Bush

Winning Political Consulting for Candidates and Ballot Measures

In 2016 the difference between winners and losers will be slim.  If you are running in a competitive primary - general election or both you need and experienced strategist who can successfully guide your campaign to victory.  Winning in politics is a full contact sport like football.  You need to be fully prepared - stick with your game plan (stay on message), maximize opportunities to display strength and limit the exposure of your weaknesses.

Brandon has consulted, advised or managed dozens of statewide, congressional and state legislative campaign efforts including numerous local election efforts.  Capitol Consulting & Public Relations strategy starts by getting to know who you are first and what moves your district - than from analyzing poll results, identifying key targets, developing messages and images, preparing timelines, budgets and compiling lots of focused research.  

Capitol Consulting develops the winning game plan for success and then makes sure the campaign stays on track through Election Day.  But no one candidate or campaign is the same.  We work with you to ensure that your campaign remains authentic to who you are while at the same time helping you learn and grow.

Capitol Consulting & Public Relations can manage your entire campaign from paid media: direct mail, radio and broadcast advertising, to earned media: press events to social media we ensure your campaign communications are repeating the winning message points that win over your voters.  We work with campaigns both big and small and can work with in the parameters of your budget.   In a campaign you can't waste money and you can't waste time. We provide an honest campaign structure so that you don't waste either - we want you to win.

George P. Bush and Brandon Gesicki.


“In the end winning is everything.  You need a strategist who can guide you to victory.”

brandon m. gesicki