"Since the beginning of my public service career Brandon has provided valuable strategic advice to my campaigns.  I continue to rely on his good counsel, not to mention his strong friendship."

- Mike Dovilla, Majority Whip, Ohio House of Representatives

"Brandon was my Political Consultant in addition to being a "Senior Advisor" for more than 10 years and half a dozen elections.   He was the best and overall most talented political strategist-operative I have ever worked with."

- Abel Maldonado, Lieutenant Governor of California 2010

California Assemblyman & California State Senate 

"I have known Brandon for almost 20 years.  When he is working for you he is aggressive, intelligent, relentless and fiercely loyal.  I proudly recommend his services."

- Brooks Firestone, Former California State Assemblyman & Santa Barbara County Supervisor

"I have known and worked with Brandon Gesicki for almost 20 years.  

He is a hard working intelligent political operative."

- Kevin McCarthy, United States House of Representatives Majority Leader

“As a first-time candidate running for statewide office, Brandon provided me with invaluable managerial and strategic counsel. Unlike other consultants I got to know over the course of the campaign, Brandon always kept us working within our limited budget, while never pushing me, the candidate, to be someone I wasn’t. Almost as importantly - with the stresses of the campaign trail - he’s a lot of fun to work with.”

- Pete Peterson, 2014 California Secretary of State Republican Nominee